True PC Gaming
“If Tim Burton made a PC strategy game, this would be it. Vampires is a great addictive title from CBE Software, the guys who brought you Ghost in the Sheet and J.U.L.I.A.[…]”

Future Sack (8/10)
“Vampires! stands out with its brain-teasing difficulty which creates the one-more-level-feeling of yesteryear. With a cute presentation it might look like a casual game (and in many respects it certainly is), but it’s a devious puzzler for the hardcore who like to use both their brain halves and have quick reflexes.”

Famigo awarded Crazy Vampires with 4/5
“This cool puzzle app tests your logic in a fun and creative way. Kids must line up the proper path by assembling the puzzle pieces for the vampire to make it back to his lair. With great graphics, spooky music, and fun features such as the ability to choose what your vampire looks like, kids will enjoy this fun, easy to use game. Be sure to read the tutorial before you start – it’s helpful for outlining the rules.

Wraithkal’s Indie Gaming Corner (no score)

“All in all, I’d say there’s plenty of fun to be had in guiding drunk vampires to their crypts, because even if certain levels are a bit overwhelming, in my experience, it never got to the point where I simply had no choice but to abandon the poor vampires.”

Indie Game Reviewer (3.5 of 5)
“There is a lot of content on offer with over sixty levels to choose from and a well balanced difficulty curve.”